18 February 2014

Walking In Between

That awkward time when the seasons are changing and you have absolutely no idea how to dress. Exactly what I'm going through right now. A bit early you don't you think? Probably the question going through your mind. Well, I live in a special little place called the South and more specifically Memphis where the weather is incredibly unpredictable. It is still February and even though there were chances of snow last week, everyone is busting out their shorts and sandals because the weather is amazing. I'm loving the warmer weather but I had the hardest time getting dressed this morning because of it. On the one hand, I want to embrace the warmness and shed my tights off. But it is also still February and I need to dress appropriately for the seasons. Thus my search turned to Pinterest and J.Crew because these old pals never fail me. My results?

1. Sweaters and skirts. Such a simple combo but one I never reach for. I was incredibly intrigued by a sweater, midi-skirt, and booties. Trés chic.

2. Chambray and anything, really. But especially tied up with fuller, high waisted skirts are appealing.

3. Sleeveless tops and boyfriend jeans. Which I have neither of but I'm really hoping to change that. J.Crew has been revamping their jeans this season and looks like I might be able to find the perfect pair.

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