18 October 2015

be where your feet are

"How lovely it is to be all here, to be where your feet are. How sweet it is."

A friend of mine shared this piece of wisdom with be about a year ago and I've been ruminating on it since. In a world constantly moving, changing, going, doing - just being where you are is basically impossible. 

I recently moved to a new city (Nashville, TN to be exact) and everyday is constant battle to be where I am and enjoy life. Everyone warns you about post-grad life but until you actually experience it, you never truly understand it. 

These past couple of months have been whirlwind. Days filled with loneliness, heartache, joy, excitement, discovery, adventure, and clumsiness. After safely working at a camp all summer, I was thrust into the scary unknown in late August and have been attempting to deal with the repercussions. Those first couple of weeks insisted of moving into an apartment for the first time, starting a brand new job, learning to live with a new roommate/friend, and settling into a new city. It's been a process that has unexpectedly worn me out physically, mentally, and emotionally. I had a professor once tell me that life never really slows down and he is correct, except for me it's more of a roller coaster of emotions.

Anyway, after weeks of riding this roller coaster, I decided to challenge myself. This past week I woke up everyday after 6 AM to have 30 minutes of quiet time with the Lord. And let me tell ya, it wasn't easy. It also wasn't as hard as I thought, either. I found myself longing for that time with my Father. It filled a pre-existing void that I had been ignoring since I moved. A void perpetuated by thinking I can do everything by myself. Boy oh boy was I wrong. This past week, God reminded me that I am weak but He is strong. He is merciful, loving, and kind. God longs not only to fill these voids but fill every aspect to the brim and without abandon. 

So here I am, today. Sunday: my favorite day of the week. I finally reclaimed it after college (no more homework for me) and am now given the freedom to be on this day. Today specifically, I was reminded to "be where your feet are." To stop looking ahead or behind, to what's next or the next best thing. But to be where God has planted me in this moment. A sweet, sweet reminder that God is here. He is always here and if I listen, He will guide my path.

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