30 June 2014

Style Inspo: Lulie Wallace

Art Inspo

Hey friends! I hope your weekend was lovely because mine definitely was. I'll post a couple pictures later but it consisted of exploring more of Memphis and doing it with the very best of friends. Now I'm ready to tackle this (short) week! Okay, about this post. This is something that I've wanted to do since, like forever, and I'm finally including it on the blog. Art is incredibly important to me and I love to surround myself with it. I've always found incredible inspiration from it for everything: color, my art, design, decorating, etc. And on Gals + Grace I wanted to start featuring outfits inspired by my favorite art. Now its a great idea in theory and I'm still working out all the kinks in this post (so bear with me) but I sincerely hope you enjoy! All feedback would be much appreciated: layout, price point, the art, etc. Drop a comment or two if you wish! Happy Monday!

The art: A perennial favorite - Lulie Wallace of Charleston, SC. I love her because they're easy, full of life, color, and quirky. Check out her work here and here at Anthropologie.

27 June 2014

Weekend Reading

Happy Friday y'all! Wahoo! I feel like I just wrote one of these posts. Man, the weeks sure do go by fast. I'm always thankful for a million and one things but today I'm especially thankful for: camp friends, handwritten letters, flowers, and art. I don't know why but so many things surrounding my future, camp, and creating have been filling my mind. They're all wonderful but don't make any sense to me right now. We'll see what comes of it... for now, happy reading! OH and keep choosing JOY. I promise you, your days will be much happier. Much love xo

Confession: I've always loved the Kardashians/Jenners and Kendall is no exception. Love The Man Repeller's take on her fame.

The Locus of Style: new obsession.

These made me so excited for July 19th!! B & J here I come!

Career Spotlight on Inslee Farris and Roxy Te Owens via Design Darling. Words cannot even begin to cover how much I adored this spread and what it meant to me.

I loved Mattie Tiegreen's innovative and modern take on a china cabinet/bar cart on The Every Girl.

Image by me, editing by VSCO and Studio apps.

26 June 2014

A Tiny Fashion Peek

This here is my crappy green porch (and a cute outfit I'll get to later). I'm only temporarily living in this house but have fallen in love with all of its ridiculous charm, quirks, and old sensibility. My number one favorite thing is the house color: forrest green. I love this for many reasons but one of them is not only are the outside walls painted this color but the porch as well for some reason. And it looks absolutely ridiculous. But, I love it so and I've decided to designate it as my favorite-outfit-picture-taking-spot. So, here you go: the crappy green porch. Now on to my clothing: a favorite outfit of mine where I felt ever so kate spade chic in. It consisted of most of my favorite things: bow, a high-wasted full skirt, and the perfect wedges. Now let me tell you about these shoes. I picked up these camel colored Marc Fisher puppies at Macy's one random day and have never looked back since. And you know what? I have yet to find anything that compares to the perfectness that is in the shoes! Do any of y'all have a perfect pair like this?

Outfit: Wedges, old Marc Fisher, similar here. Gingham skirt, recent Banana Republic, similar style here. Black bow wallet, LULU by Lulu Guinness, similar here. Bracelets, old.

25 June 2014


Y'ALL. I found an internet gem. Really. Please, please, please watch the above trailer for the best online series titled, "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee." By Jerry Seinfeld no less. The title alone no less hints at the brilliant-ness to be beheld. But watch Sarah Jessica Parker A Little Hyper-Aware and every other one in the series. I've only made it through SJP and Tina Fey (the two women on the list of course), but I'm sure all will be hilarious and worth your time!

Also... happy 100th post to me! Thanks for reading my ramblings and loving something I love so much. Happy Wednesday!

23 June 2014

Oh My Floral

Wow oh wow. I stumbled across the ASOS Salon collection (thanks to Gal Meets Glam) and man, where have I been?! Actually, I'm hoping it's still a well-kept secret so more for the ones who know! The price-point is a little more than I like to spend but the dresses are killer.  For a special occasion I think it would be worth the money, you would get a lot of wear, and feel beautiful while doing it. Here are my current favs...

1 Organza Sequin Oversize Dress/ 2 Prom Dress in Fluro Flower /3 Floral Lace Shift/ 4 Floral Dress with Peplum /5 Printed Embellished Dress /6 Bright Floral Jacquard Skater Dress

Summer Saturdays

These days I'm all about adventures and trying new things. I think it comes from studying abroad where you're going all the time, traveling, and attempting to do actually everything. So when a Saturday roles up around here with nothing on the agenda, what do I do? This time a friend and I made our way downtown to the Memphis Farmers Market. But not before stumbling across a gem of an antique store called South Front Antique Market. WOW. I could have thrown down some serious cash on some beautiful items. Still thinking about that clock... Then we finally made it to the tail end of the farmer's market but they still had the goods left. I picked up some green and yellow zucchini: who thought I would ever be excited about that?!

Then, we wandered along South Main Street, a section full of sweet boutiques, art galleries, and restaurants. As mentioned previously, Red Velvet Vintage Boutique has my heart and I devoured the perfect breakfast-for-lunch at Bluff City Coffee. It was the perfect day. What did you get up to this weekend?

22 June 2014

Weekend Reading

I'm a little late on my Weekend Reading post BUT it is still the weekend so technically I'm not late. Anywho, life has been crazy these days but what's new? One of my professors wisely told me: "SK, this is life. It never slows down and it never stops being busy." (an interpretation. He said this in January so I don't quite remember his exact words). And even though it was a scary statement, it is so true. Life is always going, going, going. But isn't that life? That's how it should be and is. So even though I feel overwhelmed most days, usually I can make it out alive with some positivity and happiness to spare. Alas, here are some links and stories for her perusal! 

I stumbled upon the cutest shop in downtown Memphis yesterday, Red Velvet Vintage and had the best time playing dress up. Of course I unintentionally found some things I loved and was happily featured on their Instagram! Check them out for a great selection of vintage and vintage-inspired pieces.

Apparently these are the comfiest flats ever. Any first-hand experience out there?

Britt Bass. Look up her art and admire her home here. Now.

A new-t0-me blog I'm loving and it's slowly becoming a favorite: A Dash of Details.

I rediscovered Shop Dandy and am in love with it's southern charm + chic items. The image above is from a print they sell. Check them out!

17 June 2014

New Find: Rack It Up

Okay, I found another addiction. I've been wanting something other than Pinterest to curate lists and keep track of things that I want. Most of the time I don't end up buying anything I find online: that might be because of my nonexistent budget or maybe because I forget about literally everything I pin or bookmark. Cue, Rack It Up, the perfect destination/app for people like me. It works similar to Pinterest with a "bookmarklet" on your browser's tab. When you find something you like you simply click and store for later! If that wasn't enough, it will alert you when your items go on sale. Yes, you read that right. Not only does it serve as the perfect online wish list but it's also helping you save money. I'm looking forward to seeing how this relationship plays out. Enjoy!

p.s. I got really excited about this and only made it through the J.Crew website with the app. Whoops.

16 June 2014

Dreamin' of Summer Espadrilles

Dreamin' of Summer Espadrilles

Does this ever happen to you? You see something once and it gets stuck in your head? Well, a pair of flat espadrilles for summer has gotten into mine. I honestly think they would be the easiest shoes to wear. And comfortable not to mention. In all reality I fell in love with a similar Chanel pair on my ever-favorite Julia of Gal Meets Glam. Then Mackenzie of Design Darling has been swooning over a few Tory Burch options: like these, these, and of course a metallic pair, these. Which, I'm not Tory-fanatic but she does this style in the absolute best way possible. I'm dreaming of slipping a pair on with an easy, light dress like above and a jean vest: voila! Quick, effortless and chic.

p.s. Also d-y-i-n-g over Mansur Gavriel's bag so I had to include on for fun, duh.

13 June 2014

Weekend Reading

I'm baaaaaaack. Well this week has been a doozy! I guess it's required for every week post-vacation basically sucks in all ways possible. Well, no reason to focus on the negative! I had the best time in Arizona soaking up the sun, mountain air, and the Grand Canyon! Life is so, so good. Thanks to our Heavenly Father of course. Have a fabulous weekend!
So. Excited. about this collaboration between Glitter Guide & eLUXE.
I'm not getting married anytime soon, but I really enjoyed Vogue's comprehensive ring list.

Because who doesn't have a soft spot for the red heads in their life.

The ultimate summer reading list to improve your intellectual capacity.

Still wish I could be them/be best friends with them: MK & A, Happy Birthday!
Kent Brewster's pin on Pinterest.