23 October 2014

My Obsession: Handbags

My Obsession: Handbags

Are you a shoe person or a bag person?

For some reason, this is a common question in the fashion world.  It is thought that every woman can classify herself as one or the other. At first I was like, what no, I can't classify myself based on that. I love BOTH of those things. Then this year happened and I was totally changed. Bags. Bags are definitely my thing. This was reinforced by my birthday in August, when I received two beautiful purses from my parents, one of my choosing and the other a surprise. It's like my mother just knew. Don't get me wrong, I still love shoes. And jewelry and clothes. But, I seem to branch out and express my personality the most in my purses. So here we are, I've gathered a round up of my favorite bags: ones I love and already own to a few lust worthy options we can dream of.

Left column:
Tory Burch York Combo Cross-body in emerald stone / Free People tote - only $68! And I own it and love it /  Rebecca Minkoff Quilted Affair - Pink no longer available but love the burgundy version. 

Middle column:
MARC BY MARC JACOBS New Q Hillier Hobo in Rosey Red - obsessedRebecca Minkoff Mini 5-Zip - I have this in neon pink and it was the best decision I have ever made.

Right column:
kate spade new york Cobble Hill - a classic / Old Navy bucket bag - the best deal 

16 October 2014

Slow Down

Slow down. Breathe. Stop. This is a phrase I need to tell myself more often. Slow down to enjoy the quiet moments, the happy moments, the laughs, the friends... I find myself racing around trying to do, do, do this year when I need to stop and enjoy it to. Praying for the courage to slow down in our crazy, busy world.

15 October 2014

The Perfect Shoes for Fall

The Perfect Shoes for Fall

So I have been on a boot hunt lately, trying to find the perfect new boots for this season. After tearing my boots up abroad and a brutal winter, it was time for some new kicks. I love a challenge but let me tell ya, finding the perfect boot is tough. Especially when you have exactly what you want in your mind. The black leather Madewell boots above were my ideal (and I bought them) but had some hesitation due to comfort. Nevertheless, I couldn't find anything similar so I am slowly wearing them in, hoping they will be more comfortable as time goes on! And since I was thinking about shoes so much, I thought it would be nice to produce a round-up of fall/winter shoes that I have loved in the past. I have not owned every single one of the shoes above but have had something similar that I have loved. 

Dolce Vita boots: I have tried these on for fun - AMAZE / Madewell boots : go a half a size up / Vince Camuto nude flats: easiest shoe ever to throw on /  Converse white low top sneaker / Kork-Ease studded platform shoes: I want these SO badly / Seychelles wedges: so fun, no? / DV by Dolce Vita booties / Steve Madden loafers: a classic.

09 October 2014

Weekend Links

I'm handing out my Weekend Links a little early this week because I have a super busy weekend (which starts on Thursday nights) because it is HOMECOMING! If any of you readers went to a small college you probably know that this is one of the biggest weekends all year and I being a senior, know lots of fun alumni coming back into town who I can't wait to see! I might get around to posting tomorrow, though. We shall see. Anyway, this week, month, and school year have been one big blur and I don't know how to deal. Senior year is flying and sometimes it seems silly so post on this blog when I should be spending time with friends (and studying too I guess). I was awarded too many free moments this week so here I am again. I hope you enjoy! Happy weekend!

Exactly what I've been meaning to do: a Pinterest cleaning spree. When you have over 6,000 pins, how can any of them be useful if it takes so long to find what you need??

I. Die. The most perfect room I've ever seen, I think. I would change the art but what more can you love about the teal, hot pink, and prints galore.

Over-the-knee-boots. Thoughts? We had a pair returned at work and I naturally tried them on. And naturally I felt in love but don't have $100-200 to spend on boots.

Doesn't this make you want to drop everything and fly to Prague??

3 words: Emerald green sofa. This girl knows the way to my heart because this is my dream home piece!!!

05 October 2014

Dixon Gallery & Gardens

One of my favorite places in Memphis: the Dixon Gallery and Gardens. If you're ever in town plz go here.

Kent Brewster's pin on Pinterest.