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Welcome to my petit space on the world wide web (do people still call it that?) I finally decided to officially begin blogging while studying in Britain and I found a new passion. I fell in love with our mother country, tea, and art while there and Gals + Grace was born.  I hope to write about and describe the things that bring me joy:  style, art, design, and Jesus. I sincerely hope to positively contribute to this visual and image filled world, hopefully bringing you inspiration and life. Thank you for stopping by,

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  1. Hi Kacky, I found your blog because I was creeping around Rhodes College's instagram and saw that you had tagged them in a pic... then looking at your account led me to your wonderful blog! I love it so much & feel like we would be friends in real life. I am a high school senior and I am very highly (like, 99.9999999% sure) considering Rhodes for college this fall. I just came and visited and I'm in LOVE! Can I email you some more questions I have about it? awesome blog--I love that you are consistent and excited about it even if it's hard to be a new blog these days :) Thanks! Katherine


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