16 February 2015

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Serious closet envy, here.

Dreaming of spring, here.

Whimsical dots and the perfect green, here.

D-y-i-n-g, here.

Leopard loving, here.

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04 February 2015

The Coveteur: Bobbi Brown

Y'all. I am a sucker for interviews. 

If you haven't already noticed, I'm obsessed with behind-the-scenes looks and home tours. I love them because they're personal. Intimate. Real. And even though thousands of people read the interviews too, I somehow feel like I'm the only one who has and I'm now "in" with the celebrity or ridiculously talented individual it portrays. 

This time was no exception. I adore The Coveteur's candid nature of their interviews and closet raids and Bobbi Brown definitely impressed. First, I have been on a skincare/makeup kick these days as my own 'protective barrier' has been at odds with what I want. Does that ever happen to you? It feels as if your skin is ganging up on you. Anyways, I loved the inside look at Ms. Brown's skincare, makeup, and fashion routines. She is effortless, cool, sexy, and confident - who wouldn't want to be her?! Here are a couple of my favorite snapshots and products from the shoot I'm itching to try!

Shop the post here:
Bobbi Brown Cosmetics and Inspiration
Kent Brewster's pin on Pinterest.