31 March 2014


My motto today and for the rest of the week. So much to do and so little time is seems like. Happy Monday!

28 March 2014

Practice Makes Perfect

Slowly but surely working on my hand-lettering skills. I'm hoping to move into calligraphy soon... if I ever have time. Do you enjoy doodling, drawing, or making art?

Weekend Reading

Hoping to squeeze a little of this in between the craziness.

Happy happy day! It's Friday! Wahoo! Really for me this weekend is going to be a work weekend, but the sight and feel of Friday is oh so sweet. This week was surprisingly easy but still loads of work and things to do. I cannot wait for summer. Can. Not. Wait. If only the weather would cooperate. Anyways, I won't be venturing out into Memphis much or anywhere for that matter, so here are a few links to keep you and me occupied this week. Have a joyful weekend!

1. THESE. SHOES. So perfect! They've been popping up everywhere on the internet and I think they're calling my name. Also, considering the color looks remarkably like the Pantone color of the year "radiant orchid," looks like a win, win.

2. The Edie Parker x Del Toro collab on Moda Operandi: M'Oticons. To die for. #QueenBee

3. A new-to-me-blog I'm already loving!

4. The Things We Didn't Buy has me wanting to hop on a plane and go far way. Not to mention investing in simple and classic staple pieces. 

5. Lately I've been making homemade tea lattes and I've been loving them. All you do is brew whatever tea you like, add sweetener, let it cool, pour over ice and add milk or vanilla soy milk (my preference). Delicious! My favorite teas are: earl grey and iced Thai tea.
(side note: I drank A LOT of Early Grey tea while in London. Fortnum and Mason is hands down the best!)

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27 March 2014

Artist Obsession: Evelyn Henson

Artist Evelyn Henson is my newest obsession! I adore her fun and joyful take on the art process. Being an art lover myself and an amateur artist, her work just makes me happy! Also, the use of color has been a central aspect in my attraction to art, fashion, and interior design. I think we would be good friends! Above are a few examples of her work. Her paintings are sweet and gorgeous. She has the best prints of anywhere-hands down. And even fun downloadable prints you can use on your computer-like the 'Enjoy today!' one is currently my background. And so here you go, enjoy this today!

All images are from Evelyn Henson's website. Please stop by her website and blog for a little treat or inspiration!

26 March 2014

For the Love of Memphis

Well hi y'all! Welcome on this fabulous Wednesday. Aren't we all glad it's Wednesday? I sure am. Every week I feel there is more stuff to do so I'm always insanely happy when I get to this point. Here are a few images from this past weekend in Memphis. It was my first time ever on Beale Street after being here for almost 3 years! I know, I know. My friends and I explored downtown and went to a lovely old general store called A. Schwab and had delectable milkshakes. Mhm. Not only was their soda fountain delicious but the decor was precious and we all had fun reminiscing on the candy we used to eat as kids.

25 March 2014

One of my favorites speaking the truth about something I love so much.

P.S. check out the girl who made this here. Another post to come soon!

24 March 2014

Current Obsession

Look at this perfect outfit! I'm seriously in love. I've been craving a longer, below-the-knee (better known as midi) skirt for a few fancier events I have over the next couple of months. And this is my favorite so far! The delicious hot pink color and bow are absolutely perfect and I hope to be snatching this one up soon! Below are a couple more options to choose from.


19 March 2014

How I'm Feeling


Overwhelmed. Stressed. Loved. Tired. Pulled in 1,000 different directions. Worth it. Scared.

That's how I feel right now. All those emotions, all right now. Thought that wasn't possible? Neither did I. There's so much going on in my life I can't even begin to explain: a junior in college taking 20 hours (why?!), nervously waiting to hear back from interviews, starting this blog and hoping it reflects who I really am, balancing friendships and extra responsibilities, and all while taking care of myself mentally, physically, and emotionally. Think all of that is happening? Not a chance. As I was thinking about what to write this Monday morning, that's all I was thinking about. So I thought, why not share it with you? It's who I fully am in the present moment. So here I am trying to juggle these tasks, emotions, duties with countless inspirations and ideas running through my head. Needless to say, I'm overwhelmed. But, I just have to stop and remind myself what my life is really like. I have a home (2 actually), a family, friends, Jesus, an education, money, and the list could go on... Even though I'm feeling like I'm falling under all the weight of expectations, I am humbly and utterly grateful I can be sitting in front of a computer writing this. 

How are you feeling this days? How are you really and truly feeling?

18 March 2014

Wishing and hoping

As I start my mountain of school work I can't help but wish and hope to go back to front porch sitting this weekend. The life.

Nashville Loving

These are the kind of things they sell at Jeni's: orchid vanilla ice cream sandwich. OMG!
Front porch sittin'

To-die-for bedding at the cutest shop in Franklin.

This past week was my spring break and that's what it was: the perfect (and much needed) break. It was spent in various places: visiting my sister in SC, home with my parents for a bit, and ending the week in Nashville. Which I am OBSESSED WITH. I didn't get nearly enough pictures to show you how wonderful it is. I was visiting a dear camp friend and she took me to the best places. A couple highlights: brunch at Pinewood Social, ice cream at Jeni's, coffee at the Nashville staple Frothy Monkey, and an afternoon shopping in the precious and historical Franklin (a suburb right outside the city). I've been hearing praises of this city for years and now that I actually had the chance to experience it I completely understand. The vibe there was young, fun, hip, and cool. Who wouldn't want to live there? A definite win for me was our brunch at Pinewood: impeccably cool interiors, the best bacon ever, and you can bowl there. Seriously: how cool?! My friend did the best job at showing me around Nashville and I can't wait to go back!

17 March 2014

Hi There


Well hello friends! 
Sorry I've been gone for so long, it was my spring break. I didn't intend to take a break but because I was off my schedule there just wasn't any time to write posts or do research. But I'm back! And I thought I would resume with my favorite weekly post: Weekend Reading. Except today, Monday Reading! Enjoy!

1. I adore this video Vogue did with Sarah Jessica Parker. She is flawless.

2. Love, love, love Blair Eadie's messy bun and weekend wear.

3. Maybe one day I'll have time to watch one these dreamy Italian movies.

4. "I'm not bossy, I'm the boss." -my girl Beyoncé & other women speaking the truth here.

5. Long Distance Loving's Paris posts should be illegal because they are perfect and will 100% of the time make you want to drop everything and go. 

12 March 2014

Current Obsession

As I've mentioned before, I love art. I'm an art history major and such a nerd when it comes to all things art, design, and color. Whether it was created 500 years ago or an up-and-coming artist on Etsy, I obsess over art. Its just so beautiful, simple, and creative. I want to surround myself with it. Thus, when I discovered Inslee I was screamed! My roommate mentioned her and having seen her work around, I was happy to finally see large examples of her work. She is so good! I was never talented in the watercolor area so my jealousy goes through the roof. Naturally, I gravitated towards the Beyoncé print and I'm hoping to add it to my ever-growing art collection and gallery wall (and at $25 its a steal!).


image found here.

11 March 2014

Happiness is...

...Quirky, beautiful, colorful, and unique design prints. I love art so any time I find a piece or design that speaks to me I just can't get enough. Above are a few recent favorites that get me excited for spring.


images clockwise: 1/2/3/4

10 March 2014

Signs of Spring

Walked around my sister's neighborhood today and saw so many signs of spring. God does some pretty cool things.  The weather was also glorious and I was wearing shorts. How wonderful is this?!? Time to break out my white jeans, shorts, tank tops, and wedges. Ah, warm weather how I've missed you!

07 March 2014

For Your Enjoyment

Hey you! You check out my Pinterest this weekend if you're free. I rediscovered some gems I had pinned forever ago. Like the ones above! How gorgeous does J. Law look?! Missing her long hair right about now. Or Karlie Kloss's gorgeous hair? Makes me excited about my short hair again. I recommend checking out my beauty and icons boards. Happy pinning!

Images: 1/2/3/4

Weekend Reading

Happy, happy Friday y'all! Guess what?! It's spring break! Yes, I'm still in college and I still get a glorious week off from school. I'll be spending my time in South Carolina with my sister for a couple days, a little time at home with my parents, and visiting a close friend in Nashville. I'm looking forward to yummy food, sleeping 10 hours a night, sweet conversations, and reading. Goodness, so many wonderful happenings! I've curated a couple links that have caught my eye this week and thought you would enjoy. Bonne weekend!

1. Matchbook's March issue: I enjoyed the piece on calligrapher, Stephanie Fishwick.

2. I'm an (amateur) interior design-enthusiast & I drooled over this gorgeous garage apartment tour.

3. I've been researching blog recently and found a few brand-new-to-me blogs: Poor Little It Girl is a favorite because she aims to show fashions for the "poor" girl (under $100).

4. Since I had a crazy school week, I've been saving the March issues of InStyle and House Beautiful to read. Can't wait for some much needed inspiration!

5. I'll also be reading Blog Inc., an incredible book detailing the ins and out of blogging. It's written by the ever creative and fabulous Joy Cho of Oh Joy! I highly recommend her website, blog, and products. She's truly a creative genius of our age (especially digitally). She's currently debuting this party collection for Target! Ah-mazing!

Images: 1/2

06 March 2014

Style Icon: Jenna Lyons

"As far as I'm concerned, leopard is a neutral."
-Jenna Lyons

A girl after my own heart! If you didn't know, the wonderful Jenna Lyons is the present Creative Director and President of our beloved J.Crew powerhouse. Essentially, she is the women we love to hate because she continually creates clothing every season we have to have. So good for our closet, bad for our wallet. Not only is she the genius behind the brand, but her own personal style should be regarded in its own right. Known for menswear inspired looks, killer heels, and standout thick-framed glasses, in my opinion she can do little wrong. My favorite looks from her are featured above. I've noticed one of her signature looks is a pant with an amazing fit paired with pointed-toe stilettos. One of my list of must-try outfits, along with sporting my menswear glasses with everything (They're Brooks Brother's mens glasses. I kid you not). Not to mention, her shoe collection is to-die-for and if you haven't seen this video I featured earlier, you will leave with serious envy. Ms. Lyons is a serious force to reckoned with in both the business and fashion world. And one of my personal style icons!

Head on over to J.Crew to find similar styles to the ones above. Currently having 40% off final sale items! Hurry!

Above images: 1/2/3

05 March 2014

Happiness is...

This week happiness is...

1. Red lipstick (Chanel to be exact) and finding any chance to wear it.

2. Reading new fashion magazines while drinking tea and all cuddled up (1).

3. Going home to your parents house, sleeping in your real bed, and watching movies.

4. Finding beautiful pieces of art that make you well up with joy inside (2).

04 March 2014

Right Now

What I'm currently experiencing: 

What I wish I was experiencing:

Just imagining walking along the Seine in Paris right now excites me, fills me with joy, and wanderlust. I long for summer days and they would be perfect in Paris: Orangina, flea markets, long walks... Suffice it to say I can't stop thinking about France and Paris these days. Take me back...

Above images: 1 (my own)/2

Currently Craving: Block Heel Sandals

Block Heel Sandals. 
I want them, I need them, oh baby, oh baby (10 Things I Hate About You, anyone?!). But seriously, I am on the hunt! I have a huge amount of formal events to go this spring and summer. So when I'm shopping I'm only thinking of fun day and cocktail dresses and the shoes to go with. Specifically, some slightly fancy shoes I can wear but not want to chop my feet off at the end of the night. Ya feel me? In my mind, a mid-height block heel sandal would be perfect with any dress. I'm also loving a mid/low wedge heel. Now this is only a speculation but I want some similar shoes nonetheless. Here are the results of my online search: not bad, but they're going to cost a pretty penny. 3 of these looks are J.Crew and are to-die-for-perfect and are exactly what I want. What to do, what to do.

Shop the above looks (clockwise):
1. J.Crew Lillian mirror metallic gold wedge, $198
2. Steve Madden Neliee, $80
3. J.Crew Evie Metallic mid-heel sandals, $188
4. J.Crew Aubrey mirror metallic mid-hell sandals, $158

03 March 2014


Guess what?! We actually have a snow/ice day in Memphis. In March. Can you believe it?! I'm so, so happy! I just woke so I'm going to soak up no class (and no tests!) and sleeping late. Will post pictures later! First, here are a few "Snow Day Style" looks I'm loving. I will definitely be sporting my pom-pom hat and boots!

Images: 1/2/3

02 March 2014

Friday Night Eats

 Almond encrusted ice cream over blueberry jam: **heaven**
at Fuel Cafe, Memphis

01 March 2014

I've Been Craving...

...bright colors, intense reds, and worrying less.

Oh, and happy March! 

Images: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Kent Brewster's pin on Pinterest.