27 March 2014

Artist Obsession: Evelyn Henson

Artist Evelyn Henson is my newest obsession! I adore her fun and joyful take on the art process. Being an art lover myself and an amateur artist, her work just makes me happy! Also, the use of color has been a central aspect in my attraction to art, fashion, and interior design. I think we would be good friends! Above are a few examples of her work. Her paintings are sweet and gorgeous. She has the best prints of anywhere-hands down. And even fun downloadable prints you can use on your computer-like the 'Enjoy today!' one is currently my background. And so here you go, enjoy this today!

All images are from Evelyn Henson's website. Please stop by her website and blog for a little treat or inspiration!


  1. Thanks for the sweet mention, Kacky! So happy to have stumbled upon a new blog :)

  2. Kacky! Was browsing your blog and stumbled upon this! Her work is amazing. I might have to add a few prints to my collection. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I know, isn't it so fun?! I would love one of her fun cocktail prints for a future bar cart!


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