31 January 2014

Weekend Reading

Happy weekend!

I don't know about you, but I'm already feeling overwhelmed by everything I have to do these days. This past week I was incredibly busy and next week isn't looking much clearer. I'm incredibly thankful for the weekend. Especially because I'm spending it at home! So wonderful to be with my parents, in a big bed, and lots of yummy food {cue: typical college girl}. Anyways, it feels good to relax and I'll let you get to that as well! But first, here are a couple of links you might enjoy.

1. Blogging tips and tricks: I stumbled across this helpful illustration of how best to promote and advertise you blog. 

2. This recipe simply because of the sweet potatoes, hazelnut, and avocado. Um, hello! Can you say delicious?

3. Another recipe but this one satisfies the ultimate sweet tooth. Maybe I have some baking to do...

4. The most perfect home, ever. I ran across this amazing article on The Every Girl and I fell in love. An inspirational story about a strong woman who serves our country and has a serious knack for interior design. America + fabulousness is the perfect combo.

5. Some pretty great American art prints. I fell in love with the Memphis poster and "Southern Delight" section. Looks like I might need to add to my ever-growing art collection.

Hope you enjoy! And as always check out my Pinterest page!

30 January 2014

SJP + Carrie Bradshaw + Shoes


I stumbled upon absolute perfection the other day and couldn't wait to share it: Sarah Jessica Park is designing a collection of shoes for Nordstrom. {let that sink in} THE SJP (aka Carrie Bradshaw) is designing shoes we can wear. When I found this out I screamed! Not to mention this feature on The Coveteur. The images, writing, shoes, video-everything is too fabulous! I would love to get my hand on a pair of these!!! I'm sure these will sell-out fast so scoop yours up! The shoe collection debuts February 28th with prices from $125-400. Not to bad when you're buying a piece of fashion history. These shoes are flirty, sexy, classic, and easy. Someone please tell me how SJP managed to fit all those things into shoes. I can never find a pair of classic, mid-height sexy shoes. But alas, the search is over! So far my favorites are the adorable pink ones with a flower on the toe. Anyways, I'll let y'all swoon over these images now. 

OH! Almost forget. Here's a to-die-for video that can't be miss here!

All images from The Coveteur.

29 January 2014

I'm Dreaming Of


Winter white that is. This winter I have been plagued by the all-black curse again and have been resorting to my no-fail basic black ensemble. Don't get me wrong, I love the edginess of all black but whenever I see someone sporting fresh bright or winter white, I'm seriously envious. That's why when I stumbled on Julia's blog, Gal Meets Glam, today I knew a change needed to happen. Just look how fabulous and effortless she is? I've been craving a new blazer so maybe a white one will do! Let the search begin!

Above image.

A few options I've found:

28 January 2014

One the floor I am more at ease. I feel nearer, more a part of the painting, since this way I can walk around it, work from the four sides and literally be in the painting.

Jackson Pollock

Style Icon: Blair Eadie

Y'all, it is cold today. I'm talking biting, hurts-your-face kinda cold. I've been bundled up trying to stay warm going to and from class. But all I've really wanted to do is snuggle up in bed, watch tv, and blog. Sadly this can't be done and I'm off to the library in a bit. College can sometimes stink you know? (well, not really) 

Today, I'm sharing with y'all one of my absolute favorite bloggers. Blair Eadie. She is everything I hope to be one day: fabulous, chic, classic, and fierce. This girl knows her style and rocks it, everyday. Although my style is not exactly the same, I admire her courage and willingness to try different trends and mix high/low styles. She was recently interviewed on The Coveteur and the images are to-die-for. For the first time we got a look into her home and private life, one that she so often keeps to herself. Which I admire greatly. But its not to say that I didn't enjoy hearing about her boyfriend and peeking into her chic home. Here are a couple images to inspire you and to (hopefully) make you a fan as well. 

Stay warm!

p.s. I couldn't resist posting some of her personal posts as well. One with my favorite Valentino shoes!

 All images above can be found here.

Above three images can be found here

27 January 2014

Monday Inspiration

I found it incredibly difficult to wake up this morning and the sound of my alarm was actually frightening. I drank my coffee as fast as I could but I'm still feeling sluggish. Mondays, huh? So I found myself looking to Pinterest for inspiration and kind words to help. Thought I would share some wonderful words to show you are not alone.
(they also might have the prettiest type ever)


26 January 2014

Color Me Happy

All I've been wanting to wear lately are brights on brights on brights. Sadly, my closet is suffering from a lack of color due to my semester in London (where black is key). So for now I just look at Pinterest to satisfy my color appetite. I did just purchase some amazing hot pink lipstick and have a beautiful yellow top I need to try out. Thoughts on wearing those together? 

Here are a couple images that caught my eye-ironically all pink. Would love to sport one of these outfits for Valentine's Day just because! Happy Sunday y'all!



24 January 2014

Saying Thanks

As I was perusing my daily blogs, I came across a wonderful article about the importance of writing thank you notes. It is something we all dread and our mom forced us to do it when we were younger. But it is such a simple way to show someone they are appreciated, loved, and thought of. I love getting handwritten notes, so I'm vowing this year to write as many thank you notes as possible and spread the love.

Read here:


Wouldn't these be the perfect spaces to write those thank you notes?

101 in 1001

Here we go! My first 101 in 1001 list inspired by Design Darling. I'm incredibly excited to have set these goals for myself and hope to achieve as many as possible by the end date. Let's do work!

Begins February 1, 2014

Ends October 26, 2016

Personal (1/20)

1. Reconnect with my favorite high school teacher.
2. Go one month without ordering takeout or going out to dinner.
3. Go one month without shopping.
4. Volunteer for a cause I'm passionate about.
5. Read five biographies.
6. Read five classics (Fitzgerald, Hemingway, Austen, etc.)
7. Read at least 40 new books total.
8. Start collecting coffee table books.
9. See 5 concerts (Coldplay is top on the list)
10. Go to bed at 10 p.m. every night for two weeks.
11. Unplug completely for 24 hours.
12. Learn how to tie a tie.
13. Sign up for Jazzercise and go regularly!
14. Read for thirty minutes every night for one month.
15. Donate blood.
16. Have a quiet time every morning.
17. Find a church here in Memphis that I love.
18. Take more pictures!
19. Come up with 101 things! 1/24/2014
20. Live in an apartment or house.
21. Hone my personal style.
22. Organize my iTunes (getting rid of old music and finding new artists I like0
23. Have a group of girls in YL by the end of the semester.
24. Get a facial.
25. Invest in a great pair of jeans.

Educational/Professional (0/17)

26. Upgrade to the iPhone 5, by buying it myself.
27. Open up a savings account and actually put money in it.
28. Design my blog how ever I would like.
29. Blog regularly.
30. Take personal fashion photos with a nice camera (no iPhones).
31. Complete a successful internship.
32. Start my first real job (no camp).
33. Publish three "how to" posts.
34. Graduate from college with honors in Art History.
35. Take an online calligraphy course.
36. Start taking adult painting classes.
37. Get A's in all my major classes this semester.
38. Finish a 6,000 word research paper.
39. Become a full time employee.
40. Establish a weekly signature blog post.
41. Write thank-you note to every person that has impacted me at Rhodes.
42. Save $10 for every goal accomplished.

Family & Friends (0/10)

43. Write a letter or note every single day during Lent to people I love.
44. Buy a piece of art for my mom just because.
45. Buy a book for my dad just because.
46. Call my grandmother every week for a month.
47. Call all of my camp friends individually and see what they're up to.
48. Call my cousin every day after school for a week.
49. Have a member of my family teach me how to drive a manual car.
50. Throw a party on my own for my friends.
51. Take my parents out to a nice dinner to say thank you for all they've done.
52. Take a sibling trip with my sister and brother.

Memphis (0/16)

53. Try twenty new restaurants in Memphis.
54. Meet and have lunch with another blogger in the Memphis area.
55. Create a "Top 10 Things to do in Memphis" list.
56. Have a picnic on Mud Island with my best friends.
57. Bike to Shelby Farms.
58. Try every single BBQ restaurant in the city.
59. See a show at Minglewood.
60. Go to Beale Street!
61. Go to Graceland.
62. Go to the Memphis Flea Market.
63. Attend a symphony in Memphis.
64. Live and work in Memphis for a summer.
65. Have my mom, dad, brother, and sister in Memphis at 1 time.
66. Eat at Flight.
67. Watch sunset on Mud Island.
68. Take pictures around Rhodes on a sunny day.

Travel (0/14)

69. Travel to a new state (CA, MA, and AZ are in the running).
70. Travel to a new country (Italy...a lofty goal.)
71. Go to Gulf Shores with my family and do what we did as kids.
72. Visit my sister in Columbia, SC.
73. Go to Virginia and see my brother.
74. Visit New Orleans to see Allie.
75. Visit Hannah in Arkansas.
76. Take a trip with my best friends.
77. See Louise not at camp or in Spartanburg.
78. Take a trip with just my mom.
77. Go camping with my dad.
78. Go to Washington, D.C. for the first time.
79. Spend a weekend in Atlanta and figure out if I want to live there.
80. Return to my favorite country: United Kingdom.
81. Visit Hillary in Nashville and have her show me the city.
82. Make it to NYC in the summer.

Just for fun (0/19)

83. Join a book club.
84. Staff a Happening weekend.
85. Have my makeup professionally done.
86. Go to an Alabama game.
87. Go to an Auburn game.
88. Take a dance lesson or 2.
89. Learn to French braid (again).
90. Watch Gone with the Wind.
91. Go antiquing in Alabama.
92. Watch all the Star Wars again.
93. Get portraits done for professional use.
94. Find a skincare regimen that works for me.
95. Find makeup that works for me.
96. Throw a surprise party for someone I love.
97. Find my signature scent.
98. Make 10 craft I find off Pinterest.
99. Buy an ENO hammock and hang it up around campus.
100. Acquire a Kate Spade Wallet.
101. Take a cooking class at Sur la Table.

A little flashback Friday to my weekend in Paris. Wishing I was back there walking along the Seine with my dear friend Maggie, eating macaroons, sipping on some café au lait, and dreaming of Chanel as we pass by those beautiful window fronts. Wishful thinking! But for now, bonne weekend mes amies!


Kent Brewster's pin on Pinterest.