29 April 2014

B + J


I got tickets this morning to her AND Jay-z's summer tour, On the Run. Excited is an understatement. Ecstatic, happy, pumped, ah! I'm going with a good camp friend to the New Orleans concert and I can. not. wait. Anyways, had to share this bit of good news I received during finals. So ready for Friday to get here!

*All images are from Beyoncé's tumblr. Which I highly recommend you follow!

25 April 2014

Weekend Reading


Morning y'all! I hope you woke up feeling joyful and rested today! Because I'm surely not, rested at least.  Finals have begun and I think everyone knows how those go over for college students. But, alas it is only one week out of the whole year and I will surely make it. I have so much to look forward to this summer: a family wedding next weekend, my brother's graduation, and starting my very first internship! Woohoo! So many big girl things. Oh and did I mention I will be SENIOR in college?! I'm have a mid-mid-life crisis if there is such a thing. Anyways, I've resourced wonderful inspiration for you on this lovely Friday to entertain! Whether you're in the middle of finals or long past this stage, be joyful and enjoy!

1. Vmac & Cheese: a new favorite blog of mine and I LOVED her weekend reading post so I'm sharing it with you. Actually, I always love it and I hope to be as wonderfully well written, witty, and stylish as her one day!

2. Enter the IKEA Raskog Kitchen cart: where have you been all my life?

3. Tory Burch's Spring-Summer 2014 board on Pinterest is k-i-l-l-i-n-g it!

4. Because who doesn't love Grace Coddington? Thanks, WSJ!

5. These. shoes. They're sold out most places but I must find them somewhere!

23 April 2014

London Love

Missing my favorite city in the world right about now... 
Ugh, finals why do you do this to me?!?

*All images by my sister

22 April 2014

Spring Flats

Spring Flats

Aren't all of these so fabulous and just make you ready for spring and summer?! I've gotten out of wearing flats these days but since I'm interning this summer I think they will find a way back into my closet. These kelly green ones have my vote! What are your top picks?

21 April 2014

Saturday Outing: Birmingham Museum of Art

Happy Monday! Since it was Easter this past weekend I had a four day weekend and I was able to travel home to Birmingham, Alabama. I've been lucky to call Birmingham home my whole life and it holds a special place in my heart, although I probably won't live here after graduation. As an art history major I'm ashamed to say I've only been to the Birmingham Museum of Art probably 1 or 2 other times and that was in elementary school. I'm ashamed (only kidding). Anyways, I made a point to venture down there this past Saturday to spend some time in their permanent galleries and see the Delacroix exhibit. And let me say, I was impressed! I saw a beautiful Albert Bierstadt landscape and a John Singer Sergent killer. Not to mention the beautiful Delacroix collection. My art heart sure was happy!

**All photos by me. Also, you're not allowed to take pictures inside so all mine are outside photos as you can see.

Easter Sunday

Welcome happy morning, age to age shall say: hell today is vanquished, heaven is won today!

I sincerely hope y'all had a joyful Easter celebration honoring our Risen King. One of my favorite days for many reasons, but especially honoring the resurrected Jesus and the beautiful story God has written. I'm thankful today and everyday for grace, mercy, love, joy, and endless blessings because of Him.

18 April 2014

Today was Good

Today has been simple and wonderful. I'm so thankful to be home with family and enjoy the Easter holiday. Instead of doing my usual Weekend Reading post I thought I would share with you things about my day and week that have made it extra sweet. Especially on a day where we recognize, remember, and honor a God that allowed his son to die for us and our sins, I'm truly humbled to live a life like this.

1. Getting a chance to draw in peace.
2. Easter lilies.
3. Good coffee, handmade mug by my sister, candle burning, and Norah Jones.
4. This fool we call Happy.

A happy, happy heart indeed!

16 April 2014

Easter Sunday for You

Easter Sunday
If you're from the south, you probably understand what Easter Sunday means for most people. The first chance to break out those summer sandals and spring dress. Here I've rounded up some great looks for this upcoming Sunday. The French Connection dress on the right is to-die-for but I'm hoping to sport a hot pink dress. As you can probably tell, I'm really into neutral or nude sandals these days. They are just too good and go with anything. If I had any recommendations for an investment this seasons it would be these: flats and heels. Happy shopping!

15 April 2014

Unexpected Chill

This looks totally beautiful, right? You can just imagine the warm breeze and fragrant smell from the Dogwood tree. Wrong. Of course we had an unexpected chill last night and its forty degrees currently. NOT my kinda day. So instead of wearing my cute outfit I had planned I put on sweats. I'm still in college so it makes it totally okay right?! Anyways, hope all of y'all had a wonderful weekend! Mine was actually relaxing for the first time in forever. I'm going home tomorrow for Easter and I'm hoping to get a little shopping in. Meanwhile, I hope to sport jean shorts and new sandals from Urban Outfitters. You have to check these out! So cute, wearable, and only $34. A style steal!

Top image by me, bottom here.

11 April 2014

Weekend Reading

Who doesn't love a good picture of our girl SJP every now and then, am I right? 
I cannot express how happy I am this week is over because it was definitely an average week. Some good things but overall it was a little sucky (pardon my French). Forgetfulness is a pet peeve of mine and I was the culprit this week. Needless to say, I need sleep. Anyways, enjoy your weekend and here are some wonderful links to occupy your time. Much love

1. Evelyn Henson's Spring/Summer 2014 look-book. So much goodness in one place!

2. Heart of a Blonde: new favorite blog. Especially because she's extremely realistic and upfront about her budget. Something I, a current college student, can totally understand.  It gets really frustrating when looking at blogs with a thousand dollar price tag.

3. It seems as if every blogger and fashionista is taking a trip down memory lane remembering Jenna Lyon's home spread for Domino. I thought I would join in because who would miss a chance to look at her fab shoe collection?!

4. Blogging tips and tricks everyone needs to read (I'll admit I haven't read them yet because I got really overwhelmed and made me nervous).

5. Look at these gorgeous foodie prints and paintings. I. Want. One.

10 April 2014

Style Icon: Cara Delevingne

1/2/3: no link available.

Okay, I'm officially on the bandwagon. I'm obsessed with Cara Delevinge. I resisted for so long because she's everyone's girl to love but I finally gave in. She is SO. COOL. Here are some of my favorite images of her. I wouldn't say she's a style icon of mine because I'm not that much of a risk taker and hate beanies, but I would say she's more of a life icon. She's always so fun, happy, joyful, carefree, and easy going - things I'm always striving for.

09 April 2014

Wishing for: Long Necklaces

Wishing for: Long Necklaces

Y'all, I was the post child child for the huge, brightly colored statement necklaces. Don't get me wrong, I love them and probably always will, but I see myself quietly moving out of that phase. Instead, every outfit I plan I envision a cool long necklace with it. Problem is... I only own 1. Yes, 1. So I' m in dire need of more! I really want a gorgeous raw gemstone one like the fabulous purple one above, but those come in with a little higher price tag. Instead I found great options like the turquoise tassel and purple/gold arrow one. What are your thoughts? Anything on your list?

Chain necklace

Kendra Scott long necklace

Chain necklace
$30 - oliverbonas.com

Forever 21 jewelry

08 April 2014

Life Right Now

Life has been crazy these days. Seriously cra-zy. I've barely had time to catch my breath or eat a meal (well, usually I can fit that in). Just when I thought I couldn't take it anymore I got these sweet pictures in the mail. God, you always know when to step in. Mostly abroad pictures with a few family photos, it was a wonderful surprise! (even though I ordered them for myself) Did you know that when you join Shutterfly you get 50 free prints?! That's where these babies came from when I ordered a photo book for my semester abroad. I was nervous about ordering all of this online but I wasn't disappointed. I highly recommend them! Have a joyful week!

04 April 2014

Weekend Reading

Hey y'all! It's my favorite time of the week again: Friday + Weekend Reading! This has been my absolute favorite post to write since starting this blog. I love sharing articles, sites, people, homes, etc. I find interesting. When I started Gals + Grace, I knew I absolutely had to include a "Weekend Reading" post because it is continually my favorite post on all the blogs I read. I think its informative, fun, and I always find out about new bloggers and designers this way. Anyways, thought I would share why I include and love this post. If you're experiencing beautiful weather like I am-yay! If not, don't worry it will come soon! Be joyful and enjoy the weekend!

1. Again, loved this home tour on The Everygirl. This hand letterer and design enthusiast's home is super charming and personal.

2. I haven't hit the age yet where all my friends are getting married, but this article on Harper's Bazaar on bridesmaids is extremely insightful. Especially being from the South where weddings are done the "right way," I love a break from tradition.

3. Simple, easy ways to be more productive. Couldn't have found this at a better time!

4. Have you ever thought of putting a gallery wall in a bathroom?! Me either! But these examples have got me itching for my own place to try it!

5. A shameless plug for myself: I finally created a Calligraphy + hand lettering board on Pinterest to separate it from all the other art I continually pin. I've found tons of great inspiration and tips. Also, occasionally you'll find an illustration by me. Please follow!

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03 April 2014


I've been itching for adventure lately. It's probably because I've been working so much and cooped in the library. I've also been thinking a lot about my time in London last semester. Then I stumbled upon this quote above. How fitting is this?! If you've traveled before, gone away for college, or even summer camp for a while, you'll understand this. Really all it takes is one adventure or trip to know where home really is.

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*image created by me on Studio app

01 April 2014

I wish I could do this ALL time. I finally had free time this past Friday and was able to draw and work on my hand-lettering. I still have a long way to go, but I really, really enjoy doing this. Probably more than I love painting. Doing creative things and crafts has always been fun for me. Its my way of relaxation and de-stressing because my mind can wander and I can listen to music for hours. I was in a painting class freshman year of college and all my friends hated that I would go to the studio all the time. Sometimes it would be a pain but mostly it was therapeutic and felt like home. I wish I had more time do it and a studio space as well. One day!

Is there any activity or hobby you use as a de-stressing tool? 

Kent Brewster's pin on Pinterest.