14 December 2014

Daily Reads

If you look to your left, you will find the section labeled "Daily Reads." What are those, you ask? These are the blogs I check daily (or at least try to). I've been a fan of blogs for many, many years and have always had a tab at the top of my browser labeled "Blogs." These are my happy place each day. I read them, soak in the content, and am often inspired to write myself. The blogs in that section have changed tremendously over the course of the years. Originally, I only focused on fashion blog but now as I've grown and my tastes have changed, I've found myself enjoying blogs with more comprehensive subjects. Interior design and decorating blogs are my new favorite but in reality, I like blogs that are real. Ones that speak to me on another levels besides the visual and aesthetically pleasing. Because of that I thought I would share with you what my Daily Reads and why I read them.  Maybe you'll find some new favs yourself!

09 December 2014

M'Oticons: Del Toro x Alison Lou

I'm going to hop on the blogger train and say: I want, no, need these loafers. The whole collection is absolutely wonderful and witty which you can check out here on M'oda 'Operandi. But my absolute favorite are the ones pictured above: #drunkinlove.  I am a huge BeyoncĂ© fan and I would love to show off how much I love then, where else - my feet. Although this purchase will not happen anytime soon I can't help but dream. Drunk in love, indeed.

08 December 2014

8 Things Every Happy Woman Should Know

So the image above is not mine, it's the ever-fabulous cupcakes and cashmere. But I absolutely LOVED what she posted in October about "8 Things Every Happy Woman Should Know."  Isn't it wonderful? Now happy is a weird term and some of the things above seem trivial. But what I think Emily was trying to get at was knowing yourself. Knowing what makes you happy, brings you joy, what you don't like, being satisfied with spending time with yourself, and so on. This spoke to me at a time when I'm intensely trying to figure my life out as I'm about to graduate. I am far from knowing myself perfectly so my "8 Things" are still incomplete, I'm working away. Will share soon!

Happy Monday!

06 December 2014

Let us Love

"We can fold our arms in judgement, 
or throw our arms wide open in love. 
Be as extravagant with acceptance
as God was with Grace."

-Bob Goff
Kent Brewster's pin on Pinterest.