20 May 2015


Well, it's summer again. But not just any summer, my first one post-grad. Yes, I graduated from the beautiful Rhodes College this past Saturday and could not be more proud, excited, and overwhelmingly scared. Many, many emotions fill my body each day when I remember what I've accomplished and what I've left. Alas, it would take days for me to label them much less, explain them. There is no possible way to describe being forced to leave a place you love with your whole heart and friends who are your life. The only thing consoling me currently is my favorite season: summer. I feel like as women we constantly try to classify our favorite season. Sounds silly, but to any woman reading this you know you've had a similar conversation with your girlfriends. For me, I'm incredibly indecisive and constantly change my answer. But, one thing stays the same: I love summer. I love the hot breeze, the blaring but radiant sun, and the sweat constantly dripping down your back. There's something in the air that I can never place but I always think, "Summer has arrived, and I feel at home." When you leave your air conditioned homes you are confronted with the smell of grass and honeysuckle tainted by the steaming heat. A breeze is rarely enjoyable, when they even come, but only moves the hot air around. But, there is something promising about this season. To me, and it has been this way since I was a child, summer means freedom. You look up and see the blue sky dotted with white clouds, you look down and see the bright green of freshly cut grass.  When my bare feet touches the hot pavement I feel alive. It is the feeling of home, possibility, and freedom. This feeling has faded a little over the years but I don't think it will ever go away. My heart thrives on hot, Alabama summers and would be heartbroken if I never got to experience one again.  Alas, I'm growing older but not too old. This summer I will spend it in North Carolina, again, at a summer camp that has my heart. That place too, is nothing short of wonderful in totally different ways. But there is something about Alabama and its interaction with summer that excites and relieves me. It will always be there to welcome me home when it arrives in May. Happy summer, friends.
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