31 July 2014

Recap: On the Run Tour

images: beyonce.com

Well, I'm finally getting around to posting about Beyoncé and Jay Z's On the Run tour. My friend and I had the priviledge of going to New Orleans to see the fabulous duo perform. Okay, just gonna put it out there: I love Beyoncé. A lot. More than most people in this world really do. I adore her music (the album 4 is my personal fav), style, and what she stands for. I also went to the Mrs. Carter show last year and had awesome seats. Like I was only a couple feet away. Anyways, I really enjoyed her concert! Granted, I had horrible seats so none of the above pictures came from me but their personal photographer (sorry about the average quality. They weren't easy to get off her site!). The whole show was much more R&B and hip-hop than I was used to from the Queen but she was with Jay Z. Whom, has definitely grown on me and I do enjoy his music. But, I'm such a diva myself I missed her "Countdown"/"Diva"/"Love on Top" true, sassy style. Overall though, this show was full of non-stop enterainment and personal style of the couple. A job well done!

29 July 2014

Summer Flowers

Mhmm, don't you just love sunflowers? There's something about them that's so happy, free, and joyful. So summer. I snapped these pictures at the Dixon Gallery and Gardens here in Memphis. I could have wandered around all day and posted a million pictures. But these were especially beautiful. Does summer have to end?

28 July 2014

Current Obsessions

Current Obsessions

These are some things on my current cravings or lust worthy list, if you want to call it that. Basically, I can't get them out of my head! First, these Sam Edelman Trina sandals are amazing and I'm a proud owner! I bought them on super sale (I mean one of those lucky days) at this local boutique but you can find them on the web. And then of course, this Rebecca minkoff handbag is double-amazing AND on sale today at Bluefly for $86. Which, is a better deal than the pink version of this bag that I also just purchased. Can't wait to sport this neon all fall.  Now these Prada retro sunglasses are just a dream, but aren't they beautiful? Too pretty not to include. I recently saw these Kate Spade chandelier earrings in person and they are actually to-die-for. Hmmm, now what occasion do I need these for again?  I've had a little sample of this highlighter by TheBalm for forever and am just now running out. I need more because its the perfect summer shimmer. One of my favorite stationary artists, Rifle Paper Co., turned a favorite card into a painting: this Marie Antoinette illustrated print.  Last but not least, I'm adoring Blaire Eadie's casual but fun style here. The mix of a quirky t-shirt, skirt, and heels is one I will definitely be taking into the fall and to class. Happy Monday!

25 July 2014

Weekend Reading

Because who doesn't love pictures of dogs? Especially on a Friday. And French bulldogs on a Friday. My favorite. Well, I hope everyone has had a wonderful week! Mine was full of sleep, work, sleep, and food. Yay. Not too exciting, but hey it's life. And I promise a full B + J On the Run recap soooooon. I don't need more hours in a day, I just need more energy! Anywho, happy weekend my friends! Be sure to soak in the summer sun. It's ending soon!

Seriously y'all. Ed. Sheeran.

Seriously, Paris in Four Months. Please, make it harder and harder to realize I'm not in Italy at the beach. Those. Pictures.

Y'all. I started Orange is the New Black. No hope... (and no link necessary).

I rediscovered Beyoncé's tumblr and forgot how good it was. Check out the archives!

WHAT is this?! I'm slightly intrigued.

24 July 2014


"Here are some God-given, time-test truth that define the way you should navigate your life. Observe them and enjoy secure passage. Ignore them and crash against the ragged  rocks of reality:

Love God more than you fear hell.
Make major decisions in a cemetery.
When no one is watching, live as if someone is.
Succeed at home first.
Don't spend tomorrow's money today.
Pray twice as much as you fret.
God has forgiven you; you'd be wise to do the same."

I stumbled across this last night in my devotional book, Grace for the Moment by Max Lucado. For some reason (aka a God reason) these struck me really hard. This is such an easy way to look at living life as a Christian. There are obviously many other facets to our daily life and the choices we make, but the first one: Love God. Love him more than anything else and more than you fear anything else. I could go on and on. I'm experiencing a season of limbo, as I like to call it: I know what I believe but have the hardest time living it out daily. Today I pray that these truths with resonate fully in my daily life.

Look of the Day

Whew, what a crazy couple of days it has been. But I guess its always like that, huh? I went to the Beyonce and Jay Z concert this past weekend (more updates later) and have been simply exhausted. I snapped this picture on the way to work as I chuckled to myself: I really, really like anything camel colored apparently. No, its true. I often find myself constantly reaching for this color in the shoes and bags I buy. It's just so easy and I love it. Don't you love when you find something that becomes so you and a definitive part of your style? Those little fashion pick-me-up moments are always welcome.

(p.s. sorry for the lack of painted toenails. Getting a pedicure/painting them is always on the list but never seems to happen, sigh).

22 July 2014


Let's just say, I've had a long weekend. So bring on the coffee! More updates later! Thanks for being faithful readers.

18 July 2014

Happy Friday

Happy Friday loves! Here a few gallery wall inspirations. Can't wait to decorate and build my own in my new place in a month!

17 July 2014

What I Love Right Now

Can't Stop, Won't Stop... thinking about these items. I need a new tote bag for school - a backpack is no longer an okay form of transportation for my books. This one from Free People is sick: its reversible. Yes, you heard me right. 

Next, I love the color grey for clothing. I have no idea what the attraction is - I guess a middle ground between black and white? Which I also love. I'm constantly attracted to simple grey tanks like this one from J.Crew or this Target version. So easy. 

Aviators: do I really want them or is it just a trend I'm falling for? They're just so classic... 

Next stop: boots. These kate spade ones are 100% perfect and I have to get my hands on them. But real question: black or stone? 

Like everyone else in the Blogger world, I love Olivia Palermo's style and also freaked out about her wedding dress. What are your thoughts? 

Lipstick has always been a favorite of mine (especially red), but have never used Bobbi Brown, although it was her first product. Any thoughts on the product?

Lastly, it's new agenda time! I adore this Kate Spade one, available at Shop by Monika but I hate buying these types of items online because what if I don't like it? Again, any reviews? 

16 July 2014

Link Love

Somedays you just can't wait till Friday to share some awesome links. I hit the jackpot yesterday while doing my daily reads and I thought I would share. Enjoy!

Seriously. The perfect outfit: casual, chic, and slightly French.

For the Love of the South: new. favorite. blog. YUM!

Bikes, bikes, and more bikes. I want one so badly! A girl can dream!

I love anything historical, especially when it comes to fashion. See here, the Breton Stripe.

14 July 2014

Pillow Talk

Pillow Talk

Well, you're probably wondering what any of these pillows have in common. I know, me too. This is so out of my decor comfort zone - I'm an all-white girl with a few pops of color when it come to decorating. But, I'm currently thinking about the decor for a shared living space with multiple girls. And with furniture that is provided for us - i.e. limited color palette - it's difficult. I've found this awesome fabric (not picture and do not currently have a quality picture) that actually works in combing multiple colors: red, pink, turquoise, lime, and navy. Didn't think it was possible but its real cute. Anyways, I'm trying to find a couple more inexpensive throw pillows to compliment what we already have. What are you thoughts? I threw in a couple pricier ones because I just couldn't not include them (hello, Dwell Studio). Happy decorating thoughts!

Oh, and if you don't already you should follow me on Pinterest. Be sure to check out my multiple interior decorating boards!

Clockwise from top left:

11 July 2014

Weekend Reading


Well, this week is over. Wow, how did that happen? July began, the 4th happened, and now its a week later - what?! This summer is flying by! And my Sunday to Tuesday trip home only confused this month more! My body and mind are going all which ways but there's one thing I know for sure: my best friend is coming tomorrow! Wahoo! Now all you female readers out there (which I'm presuming are the 99%) know what its like to see your absolute best friend after 6 months. Yes, 6 months. I've been cleaning, planning, and am about to write out a schedule (yes, again, we're those types of people). I simply cannot wait for endless catching up, eating and drinking, laughing, and experiencing Memphis. Oh happy day! Here are a few links to hold you over the weekend. Much love, xx.

Paris in Four Months is a phenomenal photographer. The way she captured the Dior Haute Couture show: breath-taking. Those. Orchids.

I adored Mackenzie's latest Career Spotlight: Mignonne Gavigan (p.s. that. name.)

The simplest and easiest skincare answers from Bobbi Brown. Yet, why are they still so hard?!

Can't stop laughing at the Beyoncé Voters tumblr. Also, her concert is coming up. Need help on what to wear!

I love Annie Reeves blog and Instagram (hello, Charleston). I was sincerely touched she stayed true to her promise in her "Social Media Addict" post by following me on a few social media sites. That, my friends, is true southern hospitality.

10 July 2014


Bakeries. Don't ya just love them? They make me feel so giddy, happy, and young (yes, I know I am still 5 years old). This one is a particular favorite and has a special place in my heart. Edgar's Bakery in Birmingham, and surrounding areas, is where you can go and have the best cupcake you've ever had in your life, among other delicious sweet things. In particular the strawberry cupcakes are divine - I mean, I want my wedding cake to be three tiers of this baby. Sadly, I failed to capture a snap of the yummy ones we ate (strawberry and chocolate strawberry ganache!) but I got some of their quaint store. Every time I walk into Edgar's it never fails to bring delight: I remember as a child walking in here and picking out my birthday cake and designing whatever I wanted, oohing and aaahing over the wedding cake examples, and eating sweets bigger than my heart. Ah, I do have a rather large sweet tooth. Happy almost weekend!

03 July 2014

Red, White, and Blue

Weekend Reading

Loving Blair Eadie's grown-up July 4th look.



Happy early July 4th y'all!  I'm sure many of you are on holiday or are with families and I wish you the very best. I'm still working this weekend which is kind of a bummer. But honestly at this point, I'm thankful to even have a job. So a couple of inconvienent hours will do. What are you doing to celebrate this festive holiday? Honestly, I love July 4th (I love America/American history) but have never been one to go all out. Maybe that's because the planning was always done for me as I called summer camp home. Which they do 4th of July like no one else. Alas, I'm at a loss for what to do tomorrow. Do people still watch fireworks? Well happy American independence!

Snacking: I love this. But where is obsessive candy eater like me...

THIS video. Even though the World Cup is over for us (so, so sad) this video will get you pumped up for tomorrow.

Who doesn't love brunch? Or brunching might I say. 

I adore kate spade and loved seeing them recognize these film posters as art. Wish I could get my hand on one!

I. needed. this. Could not have come at the more perfect time! 

02 July 2014


Never has a picture from Pinterest infatuated me with so much wanderlust and desire to go back to Europe. The vastness of the painting compared to her: a girl who just loves some art. I'm pretty sure this painting sits at the Louvre considering its of Napoleon. Longing for the days of my black booties, hurt feet from walking so long, wet from from the rain, but finding warmth in a museum. What about you?

Image source: here or here.

01 July 2014

God is Good

The heat aside, it has been absolutely gorgeous here. Every time I go out for a walk in my neighborhood or around the museum gardens, I cannot help but marvel in the world's beauty. Thus, I be sure to take my phone and capture another beautiful piece of nature. God is GOOD. I mean, He deals with a lot, yet he still gives us a magnificent world to live and breathe in. So I take every chance I can get to admire gardens and take in the sight of another gorgeous flower and think of its designer. Such sweet moments.

Kent Brewster's pin on Pinterest.