28 March 2014

Weekend Reading

Hoping to squeeze a little of this in between the craziness.

Happy happy day! It's Friday! Wahoo! Really for me this weekend is going to be a work weekend, but the sight and feel of Friday is oh so sweet. This week was surprisingly easy but still loads of work and things to do. I cannot wait for summer. Can. Not. Wait. If only the weather would cooperate. Anyways, I won't be venturing out into Memphis much or anywhere for that matter, so here are a few links to keep you and me occupied this week. Have a joyful weekend!

1. THESE. SHOES. So perfect! They've been popping up everywhere on the internet and I think they're calling my name. Also, considering the color looks remarkably like the Pantone color of the year "radiant orchid," looks like a win, win.

2. The Edie Parker x Del Toro collab on Moda Operandi: M'Oticons. To die for. #QueenBee

3. A new-to-me-blog I'm already loving!

4. The Things We Didn't Buy has me wanting to hop on a plane and go far way. Not to mention investing in simple and classic staple pieces. 

5. Lately I've been making homemade tea lattes and I've been loving them. All you do is brew whatever tea you like, add sweetener, let it cool, pour over ice and add milk or vanilla soy milk (my preference). Delicious! My favorite teas are: earl grey and iced Thai tea.
(side note: I drank A LOT of Early Grey tea while in London. Fortnum and Mason is hands down the best!)

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