04 April 2014

Weekend Reading

Hey y'all! It's my favorite time of the week again: Friday + Weekend Reading! This has been my absolute favorite post to write since starting this blog. I love sharing articles, sites, people, homes, etc. I find interesting. When I started Gals + Grace, I knew I absolutely had to include a "Weekend Reading" post because it is continually my favorite post on all the blogs I read. I think its informative, fun, and I always find out about new bloggers and designers this way. Anyways, thought I would share why I include and love this post. If you're experiencing beautiful weather like I am-yay! If not, don't worry it will come soon! Be joyful and enjoy the weekend!

1. Again, loved this home tour on The Everygirl. This hand letterer and design enthusiast's home is super charming and personal.

2. I haven't hit the age yet where all my friends are getting married, but this article on Harper's Bazaar on bridesmaids is extremely insightful. Especially being from the South where weddings are done the "right way," I love a break from tradition.

3. Simple, easy ways to be more productive. Couldn't have found this at a better time!

4. Have you ever thought of putting a gallery wall in a bathroom?! Me either! But these examples have got me itching for my own place to try it!

5. A shameless plug for myself: I finally created a Calligraphy + hand lettering board on Pinterest to separate it from all the other art I continually pin. I've found tons of great inspiration and tips. Also, occasionally you'll find an illustration by me. Please follow!

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