09 April 2014

Wishing for: Long Necklaces

Wishing for: Long Necklaces

Y'all, I was the post child child for the huge, brightly colored statement necklaces. Don't get me wrong, I love them and probably always will, but I see myself quietly moving out of that phase. Instead, every outfit I plan I envision a cool long necklace with it. Problem is... I only own 1. Yes, 1. So I' m in dire need of more! I really want a gorgeous raw gemstone one like the fabulous purple one above, but those come in with a little higher price tag. Instead I found great options like the turquoise tassel and purple/gold arrow one. What are your thoughts? Anything on your list?

Chain necklace

Kendra Scott long necklace

Chain necklace
$30 - oliverbonas.com

Forever 21 jewelry

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