29 May 2014

Currently Coveting

Currently Coveting

All I've been thinking about these days is interior design. I can't get my mind off of it. Nowadays I gravitate more towards home stores, the TJ Maxx lamp section, and don't even get me started when I see art - all more than any clothing store. When did this happen? I feel like this either qualifies me as a real adult or solidifies my love for interiors. There is something so expressive about the place you call home. I would even go as far to say its more self-expressive than fashion (well, kinda). Your home holds the things you cherish most. It says a lot about a person who displays family photos, music posters, or for me, art from my travels or made by me. We show these things off because we cherish them and are proud of them. Yes, we can be proud of a new pair of shoes (hello when I finally get my Louboutin's I'll be proudly strutting) but do you really cherish those like a family photo? Anyways, these items don't have much to do with my previous spiel but I do love what I chose: light teals, golds, and whites. Those are definitely some of the colors I gravitate towards when decorating, not to mention a little mid-century modern furniture style for good measure. What are some of your favorite decorating colors? Styles? 

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  1. Love the soft colour palate. It's perfect for any time of the year!



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