17 July 2014

What I Love Right Now

Can't Stop, Won't Stop... thinking about these items. I need a new tote bag for school - a backpack is no longer an okay form of transportation for my books. This one from Free People is sick: its reversible. Yes, you heard me right. 

Next, I love the color grey for clothing. I have no idea what the attraction is - I guess a middle ground between black and white? Which I also love. I'm constantly attracted to simple grey tanks like this one from J.Crew or this Target version. So easy. 

Aviators: do I really want them or is it just a trend I'm falling for? They're just so classic... 

Next stop: boots. These kate spade ones are 100% perfect and I have to get my hands on them. But real question: black or stone? 

Like everyone else in the Blogger world, I love Olivia Palermo's style and also freaked out about her wedding dress. What are your thoughts? 

Lipstick has always been a favorite of mine (especially red), but have never used Bobbi Brown, although it was her first product. Any thoughts on the product?

Lastly, it's new agenda time! I adore this Kate Spade one, available at Shop by Monika but I hate buying these types of items online because what if I don't like it? Again, any reviews? 


  1. Soooo many thoughts. Get that bag & the aviators - both classics and extremely versatile pieces!! Obsessed with OP and her unique wedding attire - she's my faaave. I bought Bobbi lipstick recently in a fun bright pink, and I really do like it, but MAC is still my favorite. For me, it's a little creamier and stays on longer. My Kate Spade planner is amazing. I love having the monthly and weekly views, plus its pretty :) WOO we are just so on the same page. Hope you have a fab Thursday! xoxo

    Annie Reeves

    1. Oh wow! Such an awesome response. You convinced me on the bag and the lipstick. I'll have to stop by MAC soooon!


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