28 January 2014

Style Icon: Blair Eadie

Y'all, it is cold today. I'm talking biting, hurts-your-face kinda cold. I've been bundled up trying to stay warm going to and from class. But all I've really wanted to do is snuggle up in bed, watch tv, and blog. Sadly this can't be done and I'm off to the library in a bit. College can sometimes stink you know? (well, not really) 

Today, I'm sharing with y'all one of my absolute favorite bloggers. Blair Eadie. She is everything I hope to be one day: fabulous, chic, classic, and fierce. This girl knows her style and rocks it, everyday. Although my style is not exactly the same, I admire her courage and willingness to try different trends and mix high/low styles. She was recently interviewed on The Coveteur and the images are to-die-for. For the first time we got a look into her home and private life, one that she so often keeps to herself. Which I admire greatly. But its not to say that I didn't enjoy hearing about her boyfriend and peeking into her chic home. Here are a couple images to inspire you and to (hopefully) make you a fan as well. 

Stay warm!

p.s. I couldn't resist posting some of her personal posts as well. One with my favorite Valentino shoes!

 All images above can be found here.

Above three images can be found here

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