24 February 2014

What I Love Right Now: My Barbour Jacket

My Barbour Beadnell Jacket has become a #1 staple in my closet. I begged my mom for this jacket, I mean begged (my college budget didn't quite fit with the price tag). But, my solid reasoning was I'm going to be studying in Britain so I have to have one, right? Well not only was it useful there but in the states as well. It is the perfect jacket for me: light but heavy, durable material on the shell, and warm fleece on the inside and pockets. I can use it when its freezing with my fleece vest insert or not. But really I just love the look of it, especially when I pair it with something not casual. The jacket is casual and rugged so I love to contrast it with sweaters, sequins, or leather. I glam it up a little bit while the jacket keeps it from going overboard. I highly, highly recommend this jacket to anyone! Many of my friends have gotten them or similar styles. Below I've picked some of my favorites.

Clockwise from above:
1. Orvis, $269, for a lighter color
2. Barbour Hope Beadnell, $379, for a fun, floral alternative
3. Barbour Classic Beadnell, $379
4. Eddie Bauer, $299, a perfect alternative but comes at a price.
5. Barbour waxed in navy
6. LL Bean, $99, probably the best knock-off at the best price you're going to find.

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