12 March 2014

Current Obsession

As I've mentioned before, I love art. I'm an art history major and such a nerd when it comes to all things art, design, and color. Whether it was created 500 years ago or an up-and-coming artist on Etsy, I obsess over art. Its just so beautiful, simple, and creative. I want to surround myself with it. Thus, when I discovered Inslee I was screamed! My roommate mentioned her and having seen her work around, I was happy to finally see large examples of her work. She is so good! I was never talented in the watercolor area so my jealousy goes through the roof. Naturally, I gravitated towards the Beyoncé print and I'm hoping to add it to my ever-growing art collection and gallery wall (and at $25 its a steal!).


image found here.

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