18 March 2014

Nashville Loving

These are the kind of things they sell at Jeni's: orchid vanilla ice cream sandwich. OMG!
Front porch sittin'

To-die-for bedding at the cutest shop in Franklin.

This past week was my spring break and that's what it was: the perfect (and much needed) break. It was spent in various places: visiting my sister in SC, home with my parents for a bit, and ending the week in Nashville. Which I am OBSESSED WITH. I didn't get nearly enough pictures to show you how wonderful it is. I was visiting a dear camp friend and she took me to the best places. A couple highlights: brunch at Pinewood Social, ice cream at Jeni's, coffee at the Nashville staple Frothy Monkey, and an afternoon shopping in the precious and historical Franklin (a suburb right outside the city). I've been hearing praises of this city for years and now that I actually had the chance to experience it I completely understand. The vibe there was young, fun, hip, and cool. Who wouldn't want to live there? A definite win for me was our brunch at Pinewood: impeccably cool interiors, the best bacon ever, and you can bowl there. Seriously: how cool?! My friend did the best job at showing me around Nashville and I can't wait to go back!

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