11 April 2014

Weekend Reading

Who doesn't love a good picture of our girl SJP every now and then, am I right? 
I cannot express how happy I am this week is over because it was definitely an average week. Some good things but overall it was a little sucky (pardon my French). Forgetfulness is a pet peeve of mine and I was the culprit this week. Needless to say, I need sleep. Anyways, enjoy your weekend and here are some wonderful links to occupy your time. Much love

1. Evelyn Henson's Spring/Summer 2014 look-book. So much goodness in one place!

2. Heart of a Blonde: new favorite blog. Especially because she's extremely realistic and upfront about her budget. Something I, a current college student, can totally understand.  It gets really frustrating when looking at blogs with a thousand dollar price tag.

3. It seems as if every blogger and fashionista is taking a trip down memory lane remembering Jenna Lyon's home spread for Domino. I thought I would join in because who would miss a chance to look at her fab shoe collection?!

4. Blogging tips and tricks everyone needs to read (I'll admit I haven't read them yet because I got really overwhelmed and made me nervous).

5. Look at these gorgeous foodie prints and paintings. I. Want. One.

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