23 May 2014

The Perfect Piece

I think its always important to find art that you love and reflects who you are. The Perfect Pieces I shall call them. These botanical prints are no exception for me. I adore flowers, white, green, and botanical prints. These are so timeless and elegant. I can picture them now hanging in my future kitchen or bathroom (all white of course) and being the perfect accent piece. Not to mention they're called Camellia: a name a love and it reminds me of my grandmother who loved to garden. I've never bought anything on One Kings Lane because I'm a student and my budget doesn't allow it (mostly), but I hope to check it more because I've heard nothing but great things. Have you had an experience with the online store?

1 comment:

  1. I absolutely love these prints! I've been collecting prints and paintings for years now, and this fits in perfectly with my style!



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