23 May 2014

Weekend Reading

Happy Friday to all! This has been kind of a weird week and I still don't feel like I have a routine yet. So much has changed in the last month I don't know what to do with my time and I'm learning so many things about living in my first real place. It kinda makes you feel down a little bit. Has anyone else felt that way? I know change is a good thing but the beginnings of it are hard. Well, I was feeling very British today so I picked up a couple of magazines at my local bookstore. I hadn't planned on it but stumbled across these and now I'm dying to go back to England. Right now. Is there any place or country that just does it for you? Incites instant wanderlust, happiness and dreams... have a joyful holiday weekend spent with friends and family!

1. I haven't featured an The Every Girl's home tour in a while and I thought it was about time. Alaina Kaczmarski's proved no exception. What I especially loved about this feature was seeing her style decor evolve from her many apartment changes. Well done girl!

2. A good read about blogging: the past, present, and future of this relatively new business.

3. J'adore the prints by Carin Olson of Paris in Four Months

4. I loved seeing everyone's posts and Instagrams from the National Stationary Show this past week. A few favorite companies are Thimble Press, Puddle Duck Paper, and the Creative Porcupine. Check out their Instas!

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