16 May 2014

Weekend Reading

What a whirlwind of a week. So happy it's FRIDAY! You have no idea how exciting the weekend is for me now that I'm working and don't have any homework to do! Yay! I also have many things to look forward and cannot wait to tell y'all about them in due time. Can I just brag on God for a second here?! His faithfulness is never-ending. He somehow always answers my prayers and then some. I'm constantly amazed by how he loves me, cares for me, provides for me, and exceeds my expectations. What a wonderful life this is. Happy weekend and (almost) summer for many!

For you enjoyment...

1. My Style Vita's new blog redesign is kickin'. Can't wait to do this for myself one day!

2. I adored Victoria's honesty & bravery in her post marking her 1 year NYC anniversary.

3. Have you heard of Tieks? I'm extremely interested in these and would love all reviews!

4. I could watch this 100 times more. Love Jimmy Fallon. 

5. Look at what a steal this easy, breezy dress is? Might have to pick this one up and a couple others from this fun site.

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