19 May 2014

Never in a Million Years

Never in a million years did I think I would write a post about comfortable yet stylish shoes. If that's even a thing. But alas, as I've gotten older and the more I've done, my feet haven't held up. Especially after going abroad and walking everywhere, I can barely last three hours in heels, much less a whole work day. With that said, I love dressing nice for work and heels are always my go-to for that. But how do you do that when all the pairs you already own just plain hurt? Well, Zappos it is (I love how specific you can sort everything). Here is my definitive round-up of the cutest shoes under the "Comfortable" tab on the site that will hopefully cure my foot blues. Have any of y'all had this issue? Thoughts? Suggestions? 

Clockwise from top:
1. The Miz Mooz Rio, $80
2. The Eric Michael Hilary, $90
3. Born Julianne, $90 (really digging the sky blue for some reason)
4. Born Maldives, $100
5. Born Filomena, $85  
6. Clarks Caslynn Regina, $85

1 comment:

  1. Kack, I got my favorite wedges from Clarks! SO comfortable and cute!


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