30 June 2014

Style Inspo: Lulie Wallace

Art Inspo

Hey friends! I hope your weekend was lovely because mine definitely was. I'll post a couple pictures later but it consisted of exploring more of Memphis and doing it with the very best of friends. Now I'm ready to tackle this (short) week! Okay, about this post. This is something that I've wanted to do since, like forever, and I'm finally including it on the blog. Art is incredibly important to me and I love to surround myself with it. I've always found incredible inspiration from it for everything: color, my art, design, decorating, etc. And on Gals + Grace I wanted to start featuring outfits inspired by my favorite art. Now its a great idea in theory and I'm still working out all the kinks in this post (so bear with me) but I sincerely hope you enjoy! All feedback would be much appreciated: layout, price point, the art, etc. Drop a comment or two if you wish! Happy Monday!

The art: A perennial favorite - Lulie Wallace of Charleston, SC. I love her because they're easy, full of life, color, and quirky. Check out her work here and here at Anthropologie.

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