23 June 2014

Summer Saturdays

These days I'm all about adventures and trying new things. I think it comes from studying abroad where you're going all the time, traveling, and attempting to do actually everything. So when a Saturday roles up around here with nothing on the agenda, what do I do? This time a friend and I made our way downtown to the Memphis Farmers Market. But not before stumbling across a gem of an antique store called South Front Antique Market. WOW. I could have thrown down some serious cash on some beautiful items. Still thinking about that clock... Then we finally made it to the tail end of the farmer's market but they still had the goods left. I picked up some green and yellow zucchini: who thought I would ever be excited about that?!

Then, we wandered along South Main Street, a section full of sweet boutiques, art galleries, and restaurants. As mentioned previously, Red Velvet Vintage Boutique has my heart and I devoured the perfect breakfast-for-lunch at Bluff City Coffee. It was the perfect day. What did you get up to this weekend?

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