22 June 2014

Weekend Reading

I'm a little late on my Weekend Reading post BUT it is still the weekend so technically I'm not late. Anywho, life has been crazy these days but what's new? One of my professors wisely told me: "SK, this is life. It never slows down and it never stops being busy." (an interpretation. He said this in January so I don't quite remember his exact words). And even though it was a scary statement, it is so true. Life is always going, going, going. But isn't that life? That's how it should be and is. So even though I feel overwhelmed most days, usually I can make it out alive with some positivity and happiness to spare. Alas, here are some links and stories for her perusal! 

I stumbled upon the cutest shop in downtown Memphis yesterday, Red Velvet Vintage and had the best time playing dress up. Of course I unintentionally found some things I loved and was happily featured on their Instagram! Check them out for a great selection of vintage and vintage-inspired pieces.

Apparently these are the comfiest flats ever. Any first-hand experience out there?

Britt Bass. Look up her art and admire her home here. Now.

A new-t0-me blog I'm loving and it's slowly becoming a favorite: A Dash of Details.

I rediscovered Shop Dandy and am in love with it's southern charm + chic items. The image above is from a print they sell. Check them out!

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