10 July 2014


Bakeries. Don't ya just love them? They make me feel so giddy, happy, and young (yes, I know I am still 5 years old). This one is a particular favorite and has a special place in my heart. Edgar's Bakery in Birmingham, and surrounding areas, is where you can go and have the best cupcake you've ever had in your life, among other delicious sweet things. In particular the strawberry cupcakes are divine - I mean, I want my wedding cake to be three tiers of this baby. Sadly, I failed to capture a snap of the yummy ones we ate (strawberry and chocolate strawberry ganache!) but I got some of their quaint store. Every time I walk into Edgar's it never fails to bring delight: I remember as a child walking in here and picking out my birthday cake and designing whatever I wanted, oohing and aaahing over the wedding cake examples, and eating sweets bigger than my heart. Ah, I do have a rather large sweet tooth. Happy almost weekend!


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