11 July 2014

Weekend Reading


Well, this week is over. Wow, how did that happen? July began, the 4th happened, and now its a week later - what?! This summer is flying by! And my Sunday to Tuesday trip home only confused this month more! My body and mind are going all which ways but there's one thing I know for sure: my best friend is coming tomorrow! Wahoo! Now all you female readers out there (which I'm presuming are the 99%) know what its like to see your absolute best friend after 6 months. Yes, 6 months. I've been cleaning, planning, and am about to write out a schedule (yes, again, we're those types of people). I simply cannot wait for endless catching up, eating and drinking, laughing, and experiencing Memphis. Oh happy day! Here are a few links to hold you over the weekend. Much love, xx.

Paris in Four Months is a phenomenal photographer. The way she captured the Dior Haute Couture show: breath-taking. Those. Orchids.

I adored Mackenzie's latest Career Spotlight: Mignonne Gavigan (p.s. that. name.)

The simplest and easiest skincare answers from Bobbi Brown. Yet, why are they still so hard?!

Can't stop laughing at the Beyoncé Voters tumblr. Also, her concert is coming up. Need help on what to wear!

I love Annie Reeves blog and Instagram (hello, Charleston). I was sincerely touched she stayed true to her promise in her "Social Media Addict" post by following me on a few social media sites. That, my friends, is true southern hospitality.

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