02 August 2014

Weekend Reading

Well hello there, friends! How are you this fine weekend? Aren't you so glad it's the weekend? I know I sure am, except, I have to work. Ah, retail. The woes. OH and happy August! August my favorite month out of the whole year: back to school excitement and shopping, awesome weather, long pool days, and... my birthday! In my world, my birthday is more than just a day and I love celebrating! So here's to a month full of celebrations! And a few links to kick it off :)

Okay, this article is a bit much but I wholeheartedly agree with it and feel as if I'm doing the same thing. Although mine is more of a slow and drawn out break-up, where I keep coming back for more.

This. tote. Exactly what I've been craving and for a good cause!

Holy moly, Victoria's Real Life: 30 Things I've Learned in 30 Years - a must read by all.

An awesome post from Corals + Cognacs on How to Take Better Instagram photos.

Need house inspiration? Check out my Pinterest! I have boards divided into bed, bath, home office, and house + home. Have at it!

Happy weekend loves!

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