19 September 2014

Help Needed: Makeup Overhaul

I've been thinking about my makeup and skincare situation lately and haven't been too excited with what I have. I thought, well, I'll introduce a couple new products and update the old. That was until I read this incredibly informative article on The Every Girl. Y'all. I need help. Apparently I have been doing it all wrong for a couple years now and since I am only a mere college student, I have to be selective in the process of what it necessary and worth splurging on. I'll chronicle my ideas below:

1. Bronzer
What I have been doing: ELF bronzer/blush duo
What I need to be doing: bareMinerals READY Bronzer

2. Washing my face
What I have been doing: Oh lord, I could write a book. I love the face wash I am currently on, Clinique's Acne Solutions wash and toner. But I'm lacking in a scrub.
What I need to be doing: Clarisonic, apparently. Or I want to try Clinique's version.

3. Makeup brushes
What I have been doing: Various assortment
What I need to be doing: Clean the ones I have and invest in ones like these: bareSkin foundation brush, Sephora powder brush, and Sephora blush brush.

So tell me, what is your makeup routine? Any tips, tricks, or products I need to know about?

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