09 October 2014

Weekend Links

I'm handing out my Weekend Links a little early this week because I have a super busy weekend (which starts on Thursday nights) because it is HOMECOMING! If any of you readers went to a small college you probably know that this is one of the biggest weekends all year and I being a senior, know lots of fun alumni coming back into town who I can't wait to see! I might get around to posting tomorrow, though. We shall see. Anyway, this week, month, and school year have been one big blur and I don't know how to deal. Senior year is flying and sometimes it seems silly so post on this blog when I should be spending time with friends (and studying too I guess). I was awarded too many free moments this week so here I am again. I hope you enjoy! Happy weekend!

Exactly what I've been meaning to do: a Pinterest cleaning spree. When you have over 6,000 pins, how can any of them be useful if it takes so long to find what you need??

I. Die. The most perfect room I've ever seen, I think. I would change the art but what more can you love about the teal, hot pink, and prints galore.

Over-the-knee-boots. Thoughts? We had a pair returned at work and I naturally tried them on. And naturally I felt in love but don't have $100-200 to spend on boots.

Doesn't this make you want to drop everything and fly to Prague??

3 words: Emerald green sofa. This girl knows the way to my heart because this is my dream home piece!!!

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