31 January 2014

Weekend Reading

Happy weekend!

I don't know about you, but I'm already feeling overwhelmed by everything I have to do these days. This past week I was incredibly busy and next week isn't looking much clearer. I'm incredibly thankful for the weekend. Especially because I'm spending it at home! So wonderful to be with my parents, in a big bed, and lots of yummy food {cue: typical college girl}. Anyways, it feels good to relax and I'll let you get to that as well! But first, here are a couple of links you might enjoy.

1. Blogging tips and tricks: I stumbled across this helpful illustration of how best to promote and advertise you blog. 

2. This recipe simply because of the sweet potatoes, hazelnut, and avocado. Um, hello! Can you say delicious?

3. Another recipe but this one satisfies the ultimate sweet tooth. Maybe I have some baking to do...

4. The most perfect home, ever. I ran across this amazing article on The Every Girl and I fell in love. An inspirational story about a strong woman who serves our country and has a serious knack for interior design. America + fabulousness is the perfect combo.

5. Some pretty great American art prints. I fell in love with the Memphis poster and "Southern Delight" section. Looks like I might need to add to my ever-growing art collection.

Hope you enjoy! And as always check out my Pinterest page!

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  1. Hi girl! You have a nice blog and beautiful photo)




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