25 July 2014

Weekend Reading

Because who doesn't love pictures of dogs? Especially on a Friday. And French bulldogs on a Friday. My favorite. Well, I hope everyone has had a wonderful week! Mine was full of sleep, work, sleep, and food. Yay. Not too exciting, but hey it's life. And I promise a full B + J On the Run recap soooooon. I don't need more hours in a day, I just need more energy! Anywho, happy weekend my friends! Be sure to soak in the summer sun. It's ending soon!

Seriously y'all. Ed. Sheeran.

Seriously, Paris in Four Months. Please, make it harder and harder to realize I'm not in Italy at the beach. Those. Pictures.

Y'all. I started Orange is the New Black. No hope... (and no link necessary).

I rediscovered Beyoncé's tumblr and forgot how good it was. Check out the archives!

WHAT is this?! I'm slightly intrigued.

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